Ncardia Applications Workshop 2018

12 July, 2018

Date: November 7 - 9 (Wednesday to Friday), 2018

Location: BioCampus Cologne, Nattermannallee 1 (Main Building), Cologne, Germany

Agenda (download):

Wednesday, November 07

12:00 noon

Arrival at Ncardia/ BioCampus - LUNCH

1:05 PM


1:25 PM

Nina Glaser (Merck Group)
Human Cardiomyocytes in Preclinical Drug Development at Merck

1:50 PM

Vitalina Gryshkova, PhD (UCB)
“Rethinking translational predictivity using hiPSC-derived models: a retrospective analysis for cardiac liabilities”

2:15 PM

Damiano Lombardi, PhD (Inria)
Modelling and learning of MEA signals for safety pharmacology"

2:50 PM

Coffee break / Poster session

3:30 PM

Live Demonstrations

04:40 PM

Shuttle bus to hotel (Motel One)

07:00 PM


Thursday, November 8

8:45 AM

Arrival at Ncardia/ BioCampus

9:05 AM

Stefan Braam (Ncardia)

9:45 AM

Veronique Ballet (Sanofi)
Evaluation of Electrophysiological Parameters Variability of hiPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes

10:10 AM

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hering (University of Vienna)
"Alkaloids from the traditional Chinese herbal drug Evodia rutaecarpa block IKr with proarrythmic effects on stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes”

10:35 AM

Coffee break / Poster session

11:15 AM

Saman Honarnejad (Pivot Park Screening Centre)
Compound toxicity profiling using cardiomyocytes; assay automation at PPSC

11:40 AM

Anne Zwartsen (Utrecht University)
“Using microelectrode array (MEA) recordings for assessing cardiotoxicity of illicit drugs and new psychoactive substances”

12:05 PM

Lunch break

1:05 PM

Prof. Dr. Anelika Lampert (Institute of Physiology, Aachen)
"iPS-derived nociceptors and cardiomyocytes for personalized treatment and test of potential side effects"

1:30 PM

Niall Macquaide (Clyde Biosciences)
"TdP risk assessment of optical action potential measurements in the CiPA initiative"

1:55 PM

Lowry Curley (AxoSim)
Predicting Human Neuroscience To Revolutionize The Future Of Medicine"

02:25 PM

Coffee Break

3:30 PM

Live Demonstrations

4:40 PM

Shuttle Bus to Hotel


Friday, November 9

8:45 AM Arrival at Ncardia/ BioCampus
9:05 AM

Thomas Palm Ncardia
"CNS.4U®: A powerful tool in seizure liability studies"

9:25 AM

Prof Dr. Bogdan Amuzescu (University of Bucharest)
"A New CiPA-compliant Cardiac Safety Pharmacology Automated Patch-Clamp Assay on Cor.4U Cardiomyocytes"

9:50 AM

Markus Brüll (University of Konstanz)
"Incorporation of iPSC-derived astrocytes into neuronal organoids for initial studies of neuro-glial interactions in health and disease"

10:10 AM Coffee break / Poster session
10:50 AM Live Demonstrations
12:00 noon Departure




  1. Automated drug classification using mathematical modelling and machine learning (INRIA)
  2. Multiwell Microelectrode Array Technology for Multimodal Characterisation of Neural and Cardiac Networks in Vitro (Axion BioSystems)
  3. Development of a New CiPA-compliant MOA in vitro Assay on Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes (Cytocentrics Bioscience GmbH, University of Bucharest, CytoBioScience Inc)
  4. The citrus flavanone hesperetin preferentially inhibits slow-inactivating currents of an LQT3 syndrome Na+ channel mutation (KU Leuven)
  5. High throughput assessment of cardiotoxicity using bioreactor produced hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes (Ncardia)
  6. Development of a kinetic plate reader for cardiotoxicity screening using human iPSC-derived cardio- myocytes and Ca2+ transients measurement (Hamamatsu Photonics)
  7. Fluorescence measurement of Ca2+ transients in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes for assessment of drug-induced proarrhythmia: Automatic detection of EAD-like waveforms (Hamamatsu Photonics)
  8. Evaluation of Electrophysiological Parameters Variability of hiPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes - (Sanofi)
  9. TdP risk assessment of optical action potential measurements in the CiPA initiative (Clyde Biosciences)
  10. Ion Channel Physiology, Pharmacology and Calcium Handling in Pluricyte Cardiac Ventricular Myocytes (University of Maastricht)
  11. Powerful solutions for new challenges in safety pharmacology (Nanion Technologies)
  12. Using Electrical Field Stimulation for Maturation of hiPSC Cardiomyocytes, Assessment of Inotropic Compounds and Cardiac Safety Assessment” Silke Schwengberg (ACEA Biosciences)
  13. Simultaneous Measurement of Contraction, Voltage and Calcium in hiPSC-CMs for the Detection of Inotropic Effects under Blinded Conditions (Ncardia)
  14. Ca2+ oscillation measurement in rat primary and human iPSC-derived neurons for detection of drug-in- duced neurotoxicity on a kinetic plate reader FDSS (Ncardia)
  15. A New In Vitro Tool to Investigate Cardiac Contractility under Physiological Mechanical Conditions (InnoVitro)
  16. Engineering the cellular microenvironment (Alvéole)
  17. Automated Classification of Early Afterdipolarizations Grades in FLIPR Calcium Assays (CYBERnano)
  18. Robust Estimation of Field Potential Duration in Multi-Electrode Array Signals (CYBERnano)
  19. Characterization of Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes (Cor.4U®) on an automated patch clamp setup Qube 384 (Sophion Bioscience)
  20. Channelrhodopsin-2 transfected hiPSC-CMs allows for LED excitation/pacing on two MEA platforms (Ncardia)
  21. CNS.4U®: A powerful tool in seizure liability studies (Ncardia)

The workshop took place at the BioCampus in Cologne from November 7 - 9, 2018


Demo Applications:

  • Optogenetic Pacing (Xpress.4U LightPace– Ncardia)
  • HTS calcium / voltage sensitive dyes (FDSSµCell – Hamamatsu)
  • Impedance (xCELLigence® – ACEA Biosciences / CardioExcyte 96 – Nanion Technologies)
  • Micro Electrode Array (MEA) / LEAP Assay (Maestro – Axion BioSystems)

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