Cor.4U® Cardiomyocyte Kits are developed and manufactured for use in drug discovery and development and general cardiovascular research. The kits include either 1 vial (>1M/>4M cells/vial) cryopreserved cells, or 1 flask (1M/3M) seeded human Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes, and 1 bottle Cor.4U® Complete Culture Medium (250 mL).


Product Information

Pre-clinical studies of drug effects using human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived cardiomyocytes provide novel possibilities for the assessment of efficient and reliable safety and efficacy drug screening that translate to clinics. Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes are fully functional hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes obtained through in vitro differentiation of transgenic hiPSCs and puromycin selection technology for the resulting cardiomyocytes. 

Product Data

Product Specifications

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes are a mixture of different subtypes of cardiomyocytes (60% ventricular, 30% atrial and 10% sinodal) differentiated from human-induced pluripotent stem cells. Ncardia’s proprietary technology ensures highly enriched Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes using puromycin selection driven by a tissue specific promoter (cardiac aMHC).

First contractions of Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes appear between 24 - 48 hours post thawing. It will take 3 days before the cells have formed a complete, electrically coupled monolayer. Stable beating monolayers can be observed 3 days post-thawing (50 - 120 BPM). The optimal time window to perform electrophysiology-based assays with Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes is between 3 - 14 days after plating the cardiomyocytes, though this does vary by assay.


Catalog numbers

Vial (cryopreserved)

Ax-B-HC02-1M (>1 x 106 cells)

Ax-B-HC02-4M (>4 x 106 cells)



T75 Flask Ax-C-HC02-FR3 (>3 x 106 cells)

Production Technology

Transgenic hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte population purified by puromycin selection IP technology. Scalable; large lot sizes with minimal batch to batch variation


100% pure cardiomyocytes based on puromycin selection using alpha myosin heavy chain (aMHC) cardiac promoter


High degree of structural sarcomere organization and binucleation

Assay window

Day 3 to 14 post-thaw (assay dependent)

Single cell action potential

Low resting membrane potential, fast upstroke velocity, robust action potential amplitude

Monolayer field potential

Well-pronounced, particularly stable field potential signals enabling easy detection of field potential durations facilitating predictive MEA assay analysis for pro-arrhythmia drug liability assessment studies


Recommended Storage

Cor.4U® Complete Culture Medium: -20°C. Upon thawing store at 2 - 8°C for a maximum of 4 weeks, no freeze-thaw cycles recommended

Cryopreserved Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes: liquid nitrogen vapor phase


Cor.4U® Cardiomyocyte Kits are shipped with Cor.4U® Complete Culture Medium (serum containing).

Optional: 250 mL BMCC Serum-free culture medium formulation can be ordered separately.