Mouse Cardiomyocytes

Cor.At® Cardiomyocytes are 100% pure primary-like cardiomyocytes derived from mouse embryonic stem cells (ES cells) or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) that are developed for academic and industrial cardiovascular research purposes. The kit includes 1 vial of cryopreserved mouse ES/iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes (>1M/>5M cells/vial ES -derived; >1M/>3M iPSC-derived) and 1 bottle of Cor.At® Complete Culture Medium (250 mL). 


Product Data

Product Specifications

Catalog number

ES derived

Ax-B-MC01-1M– (>1 million cells)

Ax-B-MC01-5M– (>5 million cells)



Ax-B-MC04-1M – (>1 million cells)

Ax-B-MC04-3M – (>3 million cells)

Production Technology

Mouse ESC- and iPSC-derived, genetically modified cardiomyocytes; large scale production


Pure mouse cardiomyocytes selected by proprietary selection technology using the integrated puromycin selection cassette driven by the cardiac alpha MHC promoter.


Fast and very robust beating (~120 – 240 BPM); fast development of contractile filaments and gap junctions

Assay window

Co.At® cardiomyocytes are ready for assay after 3 days; sensitive to hERG blocker in the first week of culture

Single cell action potential

Typical rodent-like short action potential (APD90 ~50 ms), fast phase 0 upstroke

Monolayer field potential

Very robust field potentials with very reproducible repolarization peak;

Recommended Storage

Cor.At® Complete Culture Medium: -20°C, after opening store at 2-8°C for a maximum of 4 weeks, no freeze-thaw cycles recommended

Cor.At® Cardiomyocytes: liquid nitrogen vapor phase