Ventricular Enriched Cardiomyocytes

vCor.4U™ Cardiomyocytes are human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived primary-like ventricular cardiomyocytes for research and drug development purposes. A vCor.4U™ Cardiomyocyte Kit contains 1 vial of vCor.4U™ Ventricular Cardiomyocytes (>1M/>4M cells/vial) and 1 bottle of Cor.4U® Complete Culture Medium (250 mL/bottle). 

Product Data

Product specification

vCor.4UTM Ventricular Cardiomyocytes hold antibiotic resistance under a ventricular cardiomyocyte - specific promoter (MYL2), and can be selected to yield a pure cell culture of cardiac cells. vCor.4UTM Ventricular Cardiomyocytes comprise approximately 76% ventricular and 24% atrial and pacemaker phenotype.


Catalog number

Vial (Cropreserved)

Ax-B-HC03-MPC (0.25M cells)

Ax-B-HC03-1M  (>1M cells)

Ax-B-HC03-4M (> 4M cells)

Production Technology

Ventricular cardiomyocyte enriched hiPSC-derived population driven by MYL2 (MLC2v) promoter using Puromycin IP technology. Scalable; large lot sizes with minimal batch to batch variation


Pure cardiomyocytes with enriched ventricular phenotype based on manual patch clamp analysis


High degree of structural sarcomere organization and binucleated cells

Assay window

Day 3 to 14 post-thaw (assay dependent)

Single cell action potential

Low resting membrane potential, ventricular-like action potential, robust action potential amplitude

Monolayer field potential

Robust and stable field potential signals,
enabling easy reproducible predictive MEA assay analysis for ventricular pro-arrhythmia drug liability assessment studies

Recommended Storage

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocyte Medium: -20°C, after opening store at 2-8°C for a maximum of 4 weeks, no freeze-thaw cycles recommended

vCor.4U™ Cardiomyocytes: liquid nitrogen vapor phase


vCor.4U® Cardiomyocyte Kits are shipped with (non-frozen) Cor.4U® Complete Culture Medium (serum containing).

Optional: 250 mL BMCC Serum-free culture medium formulation can be ordered separately (Ax-M-BMCC250).