Senior Scientist CNS Assay Dev. & Screening

Leiden, The Netherlands

02 July, 2019

Company description

Ncardia is a stem cell CRO/CMO company operating worldwide with facilities and offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the USA. Ncardia is built on the belief and trust that stem cell technology will help to get better medicines to patients faster. The goal of the company is to be the supportive and trusted partner for scientists operating in the hiPSC drug discovery and development space including cardiovascular and neural safety and efficacy studies.

We are currently expanding our enthusiastic, skilled and committed international team in which everyone has the opportunity to make a decisive contribution. Within our Services & Innovation team in Leiden (The Netherlands) a position is immediately available for a motivated and experienced neuroscientist.

Job description

The (senior) scientist will lead projects involving coordination, planning, supervision and undertaking experimental work related to cell-based assays (High-Throughput and -High-Content screening) to test drugs, drug targets, and signaling pathways that modulate neuron function and / or phenotype.

Responsibilities for assigned projects include:

  • Listen to customer requirements, design together with peers and our global Business Development team project plans that address customer requests. Report on project progress to customers
  • Develop and optimize neuroscience cell-based assays based on our iPSC derived neurons
  • Collaborate with our cell development team in Belgium to develop novel cell based assays ready for services to customers
  • Carry out literature studies on potential new projects
  • Coach / mentor manufacturing and assay technicians

Required skills

  • Ncardia employees are highly motivated, skilled, pro-active and excellent team workers. We expect commitment and flexibility as well as reliability and open-mindedness
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including accurate and legible documentation skills in English
  • Ability to work independently following description of projects; generally requires little or no instruction and only general instruction on new assignments.
  • Communicating routinely with management and peers to discuss about direction and strategy and resolve problems or issues.
  • Motivates and leads the project team members.

Required experience

  • PhD or equivalent in stem cell biology or neurobiology
  • Proven track record in development and/or application of hiPSC-based technology
  • Knowledge of high content imaging and industrial experience is a pre

Job location

Leiden, The Netherlands

Position type

Full time.

Send your motivation letter with curriculum vitae to: careers@ncardia.com


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