ACEA European Cardio Symposium

18 July, 2018
European Cardio Symposium 2018 | Sept 18, 2018

European Cardio Symposium

Ncardia's Ralf Kettenhofen (Head of Product Management) is delighted to be taking part in ACEA's European Cardio Symposium in Cambridge on Tue 18th September, which will showcase recent breakthrough discoveries for Drug Safety Assessment, Cardiotoxicity and Disease Modeling.

Speakers will include;

  • Dr. Andrew Hall from AstraZeneca
  • Dr. Filomain Nguemo from University of Cologne
  • Dr. Matthew J Daniels MRCP from University of Oxford
  • Dr. Saïd El Haou from Metrion Biosciences
  • Dr. John S. O' Neill from MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Dr. Ralf Kettenhofen from Ncardia
  • Ms. Carol De Santis from Newcastle University

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