Attending the SPS Regional Meeting directly after EUROTOX? Click here for further information.

With our collaboration partner Agilent as part of Metacell, Ncardia will attend EUROTOX 2018

Meet Alexandre Fouassier from Ncardia (MetaCell booth #15) and learn how to elevate your toxicity screening assays to the next level.


Monday Sep. 3, 2018
"Simultaneous Measurement of Contractility, Electrophysiology and Biomarker Secretion to Determine Cardiotoxicity in hiPSC Derived Cardiomyocytes" - Session: Emerging in vitro models
"Cell-based screening of drug-induced metabolic dysfunction" - Session: Emerging in vitro models


Also participating in SPS European Regional Meeting?

Ncardia will also attend and present posters at the SPS European Regional Meeting - "Safety Pharmacology Meets Toxicology" on September 6.

The event will be held at the UCB BioPharma site in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium on September 6, 2018, immediately after Eurotox.

Celine Hechard (Director, Strategic Alliances & Partnering) and Alexandre Fouassier (Sales & Business Development Manager, S. Europe) will be in attendance and are looking forward to meeting you!