Ncardia Applications Workshop 2018

12 July, 2018

Date: November 7 - 9 (Wednesday to Friday), 2018

Location: BioCampus Cologne, Nattermannallee 1 (Main Building), Cologne, Germany

We cordially invite you to the 2nd annual Ncardia Applications Workshop 2018 in Cologne, Germany. The Workshop will include:

  • Presentations from KOLs from Pharma and Academics
  • Live demonstrations of assays using leading instrumentations in the field
  • Networking opportunities with other users of stem cell-derived disease models for cardiovascular drug discovery
  • Latest information on assays and services for cardiovascular safety assessment

We are delighted that the following speakers will present:

  • Nina Glaser (Lab Head Early Safety Electrophysiology) – Merck KGaA
    • "Human Cardiomyocytes in Preclinical Drug Development at Merck"
  • Vitalina Gryshkova, PhD (Sr Scientist Investigative Toxicology) – UCB BioPharma
    • "Rethinking translational predictivity using hiPSC-derived models: a retrospective analysis for cardiac liabilities"
  • Damiano Lombardi, PhD (Research Scientist) – Inria
    • "Modelling and learning of MEA signals for safety pharmacology"
  • Veronique Ballet, PhD (Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab) – Sanofi
    • TBD
  • Maaike Bras (Assay Developer) – Pivot Park Screening Centre
    • "Compound toxicity profiling using cardiomyocytes; assay automation at PPSC"
  • Prof. Steffen Hering – University of Vienna
    • TBD
  • Anne Zwartsen (Principle Investigator) – IRAS, Utrecht University
    • TBD
  • Stefan Braam, PhD (CEO) – Ncardia
    • Keynote

And more!

Demo Applications:

  • Optogenetic Pacing (Xpress.4U LightPace– Ncardia)
  • HTS calcium / voltage sensitive dyes (FDSSµCell – Hamamatsu)
  • Impedance (xCELLigence® – ACEA Biosciences / CardioExcyte 96 – Nanion Technologies)
  • Micro Electrode Array (MEA) / LEAP Assay (Maestro – Axion BioSystems)

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Interest in Neurotox

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Seizure Liability
Mitochondrial Liability
Neuronal specific cytotox
Botulinum neurotoxin Batch testing (SNP 25)
Ca transient analysis
Reporter gene assay

Interest in Neuronal Drug Development

Parkinsons Disease Model
Alzheimer Disease Model
Pain DD model

Interest in Cardiac Safety & Toxicology

Cardiac contractile force measurement
Mitochondrial Liability / Metabolism
Voltage & Ca sensitive Dyes -HTS
Voltage & Ca Sensors -HTS
Channelrhodopsin-2 pacing

Interest in Cardiac Drug Development

Gene Knock Down
LQT Syndrome
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Ischemia Reperfusion
Fatty Acid Metabolism

Interest in Services

Transient Transfection (mRNA)
MEA analysis (Cardiomyocytes)
Impedance analysis (Cardiomyocytes)
HTS Ca-sensitive / voltage-sensitive dye-based assay
Developmental Toxicity
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