Ncardia to speak at Eppendorf's 3rd Stem Cell Community Day in Lisbon, Portugal - Nov 21, 2019

16 August, 2019

The Stem Cell Community Day returns on November 21st, 2019 to connect researchers from industry and academia interested in sharing in recent advances in the stem cells field, with an emphasis on controlled cultivation in stirred-tank bioreactors.

Our Head of Services and Innovation, Dr. Arie Reijerkerk, will be presenting and available throughout the day to discuss the application of bioreactor technology in iPSC-derived cell model generation and their application in drug discovery and development. Sessions will be held on Challenges in Bioprocess Engineering and Scale-Up of Stem Cell Culture, Process Controls and Analytics, and Successful translation and Commercialization, as well as a workshop "Introduction to Stem Cell Bioprocessing - Lineage-directed Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in Stirred Bioreactors".

For more details on the agenda and registration information, visit https://www.stemcellday.de

Eppendorf's 3rd Stem Cell Community Day 2019