Save valuable man power and processing time by taking advantage of our high quality CardioPlate™ range of products for a stable and consistent use.

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CardioPlate™ is a product line of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes (Pluricyte® or Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes) on different plate formats. These plates are ready-to-use assay plates for a variety of different assays for predictive safety pharmacology, toxicity testing and efficacy screening early in drug discovery and development.



Each CardioPlate™ is quality-controlled and thoroughly validated for the designated application.

The use of CardioPlate™ eliminates the risk of interpersonal variations in preparing the cardiomyocytes for the assay. CardioPlate™ saves valuable man power and processing time, and takes advantage of our unique expertise and optimized processes for a stable and consistent generation of high quality CardioPlate™. This ensures a high level of consistency and quality for the CardioPlate™ once delivered. Handling of CardioPlate™ requires no expertise in thawing and seeding of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, and a media change is all that is needed before introducing the cells into the desired assay.


Advantages of the CardioPlate™ range of products

Easy to use
ready for assay within 1 day after delivery

Save time
cells arrive pre-plated and ready-to-use in your lab, no extensive cell culture is required

Validated applications
The CardioPlate™ products are optimized for the designated assay

HTS suitable
standardized plates, large batch sizes possible

High reproducibility
guaranteed by strict quality-controlled manufacturing and QC release


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CardioPlate™ catalogue

CardioPlate™ is a product line of assay plates with Pluricyte® or Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes on different plate formats, ready-to-use for a variety of different assays (including MEA- and impedance-based assay plates as well as standard 96 and 384 well plates for fluorescent-based assays). The CardioPlate™ products are shipped and delivered at 37°C.


Cor.4U® CardioPlate™ 96 and 384

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes on a 96 or 384 well, clear bottom plate



Cor.4U® CardioPlate Maestro MEA 96

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes on a Maestro 96 well MEA plate for MEA assays



Cor.4U® CardioPlate CardioExcyte 96

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes on a CardioExcyte 96 plate (NSC-96) for impedance- and MEA-based assays



Cor.4U® CardioPlate™ RTCA Cardio 96

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocytes on an E-plate for impedance-based assays



Pluricyte® CardioPlate™ Maestro™ MEA 96

Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes on a Maestro 96 well MEA plate for MEA assays



Cor.4U® CardioPlate CardioECR 48

Cor.4U® Cardiomyocyte assay plates ready-to-use for the xCELLigence® RTCA CardioECR



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