Efficient assessment of drug safety and toxicity can be a complex and time consuming matter. 

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Cardiovascular safety & toxicity evaluation

Efficient assessment of drug safety and toxicity can be a complex and time consuming matter. Depending on the compound, cardiac toxicity will be displayed either acutely or after longer exposure. In addition, one should ideally take both structural as well as functional aspects of cardiac toxicity into account. Knowing the potential cardiotoxic effects of drug candidates as early as possible will decrease drug attrition rates and save time and costs in drug development.

Ncardia develops and delivers state of the art integrated cardiovascular services to enhance the assessment of cardiac safety and toxicity of drug candidates. Our services are based on fully functional and validated hiPSC-derived cell models that are manufactured under strict quality assurance.


Benefits of our safety services:

High quality – our safety pharmacology experts perform the studies on validated platforms
Save time - no assay optimization and data analysis needed – let our experts do this for you
Reliable – assays are based on fully functional and validated hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
Versatile – we offer a broad range of optimized assays on various platforms
Flexible – we will make sure to meet your specific needs

What we offer


Cardio.Acute Service

Standardized MEA safety profiling - running biweekly at Ncardia

Delivers an acute cardiac safety profile of your compounds following the current protocols of the CiPA initiative for microelectrode arrays (MEA) analysis.


Endothelial Barrier Toxicity

Predictive in vitro safety assessment of drug candidates using functional human endothelial cells.

Assessment of drug induced vascular leakage using high-content, real-time and label-free impedance-based technology that monitors changes in electrical impedance across the endothelial cell monolayer.


Calcium Flux Service

Calcium Transient Analysis of Drug Effects

High-throughput screening of drug effects on cardiomyocyte electrophysiology by analyzing the intracellular calcium transients.


Impedance Service

Acute and long-term cytotoxicity analysis by impedance.

Delivers a cardiac safety profile based on label-free impedance analysis of your compounds using hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.


Multiparametric Safety Assay

Multiplex of functional and structural cardiotoxicity

A multiparametric approach to deliver an extensive cardiotoxicity profile of your compounds. This service includes an analysis by impedance (contractility), electrophysiology and biomarker release (structural).


Biomarker Service

Structural toxicity analysis

Delivers a structural cardiotoxicity profile of your compounds based on the detection of cardiac specific biomarkers like Troponin I release by hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.