iPSC Solutions

Our passion is innovation

We develop and manufacture iPSC-derived cell models together with highly-predictive disease assay systems for efficacy and safety testing. With over 10-years experience developing iPSC technologies, our aim is to accelerate and improve therapeutic selection, reduce costs and ultimately increase development efficiency.


hiPSC solutions for Drug Discovery

Ncardia provides a broad portfolio of cardiovascular and neural iPSC services for safety and efficacy testing and analysis. Our DiscoverHIT Screening Platform provides a flexible solution for bringing hiPSC disease models into predictive assays suitable for drug discovery (screening) campaigns.The safety services are pre-configured service packages based on electrophysiology, biochemistry and contraction assay technology for predictive safety pharmacology and toxicology testing.


iPSC Manufacturing Platform

Ncardia is an iPSC-dedicated service organization with over a decade of experience in the development and commercial manufacture of iPSC-derived cardiovascular and CNS cell models. We also have expertise in a broad range of additional cell lineages, making Ncardia well positioned to enable Cell and Gene therapy developers to create therapeutic cells to specification.


We are ready to help

Ncardia is committed to delivering a tailor-made solution to address our client's needs. We combine expertise in differentiated cardiovascular and neuronal iPSC-derived cell model production with laboratories equipped specially for stem cell applications. Our scientists provide expertise in disease modeling, assay development, iPSC manufacturing and compound screening for drug efficacy and safety pharmacology.