Our passion for innovation

Ncardia believes that stem cell technology fast-tracks the delivery of better medicines to patients by improving the drug discovery process. We develop, produce and commercialize highly-predictive human cellular (disease) assay systems for safety and efficacy testing aiming to accelerate and improve drug candidate selection, reduce costs and ultimately increase drug discovery and development efficiency.


hiPSC solutions for drug discovery

Ncardia provides its customers with a broad portfolio of cardiovascular and neural iPSC services for safety and efficacy testing and analysis. Our DiscoverHIT Screening Platform provides a flexible solution for bringing hiPSC disease models into predictive assays suitable for drug discovery (screening) campaigns.The safety services are pre-configured service packages based on electrophysiology, biochemistry and contraction assay technology for predictive safety pharmacology and toxicology testing.


iPSC Manufacturing Platform

Ncardia specializes in iPSC-derived cardiac, vascular and CNS cell manufacturing. With our over 15 years of experience in developing manufacturing processes for induced pluripotent stem cells, Ncardia is exceptionally well equipped to design, optimize and scale manufacturing processes.


We are ready to help

Ncardia is committed to delivering to its clients a tailor made solution that fits their needs. By combining our deep portfolio of differentiated cardiac and neuronal iPSC cell products with our well-equipped laboratories, we provide scientists with top quality support for almost every application. The company has scientists knowledgeable in areas including but not limited to disease modeling, assay development, iPSC manufacturing and compound screening in drug efficacy testing and safety pharmacology. Do not hesitate to talk to our experts today!